A Little Crowdsourcing Humor

The field of crowdsourcing is and will continue to be something that we take very seriously. But it’s always nice to see people who are having a little bit of fun.

Take for example, the creators of Kickstriker – created by three NYU grad students. It’s designed to look like the indomitable Kickstarter and it does until one starts digging a little deeper and reading about the type of projects asking for funding: DIY Weaponized Drones and supporting the Tibetan militia.

It turns out, of course, that Kickstriker is a satirical website intended to question the efficacy or advisability of online activism. They launched the site after Invisible Children started crowdfunding and raising awareness in response to Joseph Kony, Ugandan warlord. What measures are in place to manage the agendas associated with donations and messaging? A fair question posed by Kickstriker.

Or how about this latest wild Indiegogo campaign by Australian Jacques Phillips – the One Dollar Dare? Jacques wants to go on a European vacation this fall and is asking for everyone and anyone to help him get there. As rewards for all money that helps him cross continents, he’ll perform dares as he travels that are suggested by his sponsors and post videos of them to his Facebook wall. Of course, he has also offered to save Greece should he reach $700 billion in donations and rename it according to his donors’ wishes when he rescues the country from economic devastation. While Jacques probably can’t hope to close the $4,000+ gap between what he has now and his goal, let alone fix Greece’s economic crisis, it’s nice to see someone inject their campaign with levity.

What do you think about online activism? How do you feel about satirical websites like Kickstriker? Speaking of satire – have you seen this comic?

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