4 Reasons Why We Started the Innovation Awards

categoriesLast month, IdeaScale announced it’s first year of Innovation Awards.  In this competition, IdeaScale users who have achieved tangible results in the categories of engagement strategy, moderation strategy, wild innovation, savings, and efficiency will be honored for their achievements.

How will they be honored you ask? Well, winners in each category will receive a discount on their 2014 IdeaScale license

1. Technology is just the beginning. We realized at IdeaScale that it’s not enough to have great software, you need to have a great team. Many of the most successful IdeaScale implementations have a sophisticated set of people powering them and we wanted a forum to honor that kind of commitment.

2. We want our users to be able to brag. Look, our IdeaScale users – they’re kind of awesome people who are doing really interesting work and we want them to be able to brag about it. So now we’re giving them their own badge. We’re gamifying what it means to be an IdeaScale user. We want them to walk with swagger.

3. Too many great stories. We hear a lot of great stories from our customers as we do case studies, get feedback, or talk to our support teams and we wanted a way to collect some of this information. As the stories and feedback amassed, we realized that the conversation was bigger than any one company and we wanted to find a way to organize all of this great information proactively.

4. Opportunity to learn. All of these great stories, they’re just great opportunities to learn. If some of our best engagers and moderators can tell us their secret sauce, maybe others will be able to repeat it and we’ll all get better at creating the next generation of innovation.

So now you know. And knowing is… well, you get the idea. Just go share your story as part of our innovation awards and get the opportunity to reap the benefits.

What are some of your favorite open innovation implementations? What else should we receive an award?

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