3 Tactics that Make Innovation Management Easier

IdeaScale learns from all its best customers, but in our latest interview with Redwood Credit Union we learned three things that make innovation management easier:

  1. Pre-Populate Your Campaign. When RCU launched their first campaign that asked for ideas that would help improve the member experience, they seeded that campaign with ideas that they had received in the past. This made participation at the launch of the campaign less intimidating to community members since no one had to be the first person to make a suggestion. It also allowed the customer experience team to collect feedback on existing ideas right away.
  2. Attach Ideas to Existing Initiatives. In order to maximize the number of ideas that are implemented each year, the implementation team works first to find existing in-development programs and projects that align to promising ideas and attaches the idea to that project. Instead of having to find new resources and buy-in for those ideas, they were able to fast track their implementation by improving existing programs and working with existing resources.
  3. Reward for Impact and Participation. Redwood Credit Union has a culture that thrives on friendly competition and employee pride. Awards were given not just for the ideas that delivered the most impact (the voyager award) but also for the groups with the most engaged participants (the TME Award) and both were highly coveted by the program participants. And, there’s even research to suggest that rewarding for engagement not only increases participation but also improves overall idea quality.

By doing this, the team at Redwood Credit Union has engaged over 70% of their staff in improving their member’s customer experience and implemented 85 new ideas in their first year. Those ideas are helping to improve the overall customer experience and helping Redwood Credit Union maintain its reputation for providing “exceptional service to its members and to each other.”

To learn more about Redwood Credit Union’s idea management initiative, download the case study here.

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