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Socially Responsible Innovation Part Three: Non-Profits

Wooden heart in cupped hands.

Socially responsible innovation is often the mandate of a non-profit. Yet, despite this, organizing and implementing innovation, especially in partnership with governments and for-profit companies, can present unexpected needs and challenges.  In the final part of our three-part series on socially responsible innovation, we explore the challenge non-profits face, and how they can best be … Continued

Socially Responsible Innovation Part Two: Government

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Governments thrive on socially responsible innovation, putting it in a unique position to work for the public good. Yet, the challenges governments face can be just as specific. In part two of our three-part series on innovation strategy and social responsibility, we’ll delve into those challenges and how they can be overcome. Stakeholder Commitment Government … Continued

Socially Responsible Innovation Part One: For-Profit Companies

Corporate social responsibility.

Corporations have struggled with the balance between profit and the greater good since the beginning of capitalism. Some argue that corporations have no obligation to anyone other than their shareholders, while others argue that social impacts can limit the long-term viability of the corporation, making social responsibility a core tenant of corporate responsibility.  Socially responsible … Continued