Strengthening Democracy using Real Time Governance

What is real time governance? Real Time Governance is an ideal democratic and citizen empowerment process where citizen involvement is amplified using online feedback platforms such that “opinion” translates into [...]

Strengthening Democracy using Real Time Governance2021-02-19T05:44:24+00:00

FinTech and Machine Learning

When people talk about machine learning they are a referring to a type of artificial intelligence that has the ability to learn without explicit programming. These programs can grow and [...]

FinTech and Machine Learning2021-03-01T21:09:13+00:00

Security for Cloud Innovation Platforms

The first known references to intellectual property date back to 500 B.C.E., when chefs in Sybaris(1) were given year-long exclusives for creating particular culinary delights. This allowed the creators of [...]

Security for Cloud Innovation Platforms2021-03-03T18:26:43+00:00