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Can Creativity Be Learned? 5 Best Practices to Fuel Innovation

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Do you possess a creative and innovative mindset? Some people think these traits are innate while others are convinced they can be learned. Evidence shows these are teachable behaviors. Innovation research reveals only 25-40% of innovation comes from genes. Are you looking for more ways to fuel innovation? These five skills will help you and your team … Continued

5 Key Skillsets for Strategy and Innovation Managers

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The role of an innovation manager is diverse. It cannot be described in one single job description. Instead, it is defined by the skills needed to embrace disruption and invoke change. Innovation managers may be referred to by various titles. These can include: Chief Innovation Officer Head of Innovation Innovation Portfolio Manager Common Challenges Innovation … Continued

What Innovation Skills Should You Focus on Building?

What Innovation Skills Should You Focus on Building

Innovation is a practice at forward-thinking organizations. And like any other company discipline, theĀ  skills and rules associated with an internal practice require refinement and continuous learning because the boundaries of that practice are constantly moving and being redefined. But what should you focus on? What skills require up-leveling and what should you prioritize in … Continued