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Top Four Benefits of Effective Idea Management Software

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Ever since the first suggestion box was put out in a break room, idea management has been part of any well-run organization. Idea management software is a platform that captures the flow of ideas from your employees and helps you and your team distill them into actionable concepts. That’s a superb benefit in and of … Continued

How Has Idea Management Changed Since IdeaScale Launched?

how has idea management changed

IdeaScale was recently interviewed as part of the 97th Floor Mastermind Series. The questions ranged across a variety of subjects like how we hired our first few team members to our thoughts about the future of innovation management. But some of the questions made us think about how idea management has changed since we launched. … Continued

3 Steps to Design Your Innovation Management Program

Design Your Innovation Management Program

Disrupt or be disrupted has been the slogan of the past few years as new startups repeatedly  overturn and overtake established companies that have been around for years. This trend has given rise to “innovation management,” a term that risks being ignored simply for how wonky it sounds. After all, can “innovation” ever really be … Continued