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Impact of Crowdsourcing in the Healthcare Industry

Impact of Crowdsourcing on the Healthcare Industry

Though crowdsourcing has recently gained popularity in many industries across the world, it’s not necessarily intuitive for it to be part of healthcare. However, crowdsourcing has begun to have a notable impact in the health sphere, such as in patient diagnosis, engagement, and more. To start, let’s understand and differentiate crowdsourcing from outsourcing. Crowdsourcing vs. … Continued

Superman’s Hospital Tour

Wouldn’t it be nice if play and passion were a part of your daily work? That is the way that Dustin Dorough is approaching his indiegogo campaign. Dorough proposes to travel to 48 US States and two Canadian provinces (about 15,000 miles in 100 days) dressed as Superman to cheer up young patients. He’s prepared … Continued