Government Innovation

Socially Responsible Innovation Part Three: Non-Profits

Governments thrive on socially responsible innovation, putting them in a unique position to work for the public good. Yet, the challenges governments face can be just as specific. In part two of our three-part series on innovation strategy and social [...]

Embracing a Culture of Continuous Learning in Government

Continuous learning leads to growth. We never stop learning, on a personal level, and that should be transferred over to the professional world. Yet, prioritizing continuous learning can sometimes be a difficult task in government. Here's what you need to [...]

Government Hackathons: Five Steps to Success

Friendly competition can bring out the best of us, and when developing government innovation, hackathons can help solve certain challenges through crowdsourced innovation and build engagement across your constituency.  So how does it work, and how can you hold an [...]

Creating Healthy Feedback Loops for Government Innovation

Government leads at the request of its constituents, and that means when the people speak, governments listen. The challenge is to create a consistent flow of feedback from the right stakeholders that turns into a positive feedback loop for innovation [...]

3 Keys for Breakthrough Innovation in Government

Breakthrough innovation is often what governments most need. Innovation in government is often incremental, with multiple smaller steps adding up to larger ones over time. Yet breakthrough innovation is highly possible in government; it just needs the right resources to [...]