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The Innovator’s Mindset: Collaboration as Competitive Advantage

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Innovation can make or break the success of a company. During the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners are thinking outside the box to find new ways of reaching and retaining customers. When creating an innovation strategy, consider internally and externally prioritizing collaboration. This helps you turn valuable resources into a competitive advantage. It brings everyone together … Continued

Culture: Innovation’s Biggest Challenge

We asked our customers what their number one priority was for the coming year and the leading priority was: culture. We were a bit surprised by this answer. We thought that maybe our customers would be focused on generating new ideas, implementing new ideas, understanding the value of new ideas, but in the end it … Continued

Top 5 Advantages of Crowdsourced Innovation Management

Hundreds of years ago, only those who belonged at the top of the career ladder had access to information and research and development. There was little interaction with employees since management expected them to do their job based on practices established by the management themselves. Fast forward to today: employees can share their opinions, come up with ideas, and … Continued

The Business Case for Open Innovation

business case for open innovation

Open innovation means better business. Making the business case for open innovation can be an uphill climb. And to be fair, if you’ve got the best team, the best technology, and the best ideas, you might wonder why you need it. Here are just a few reasons open innovation is for everyone. New Perspectives and … Continued