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Why Communication is the Key to Enterprise Innovation

According to Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen, 95% of all product innovations fail after their release on the market. This statistic points to a major discrepancy between the solutions that businesses are offering and the problems that customers want solved. Too often, today’s innovators are developing new products in a vacuum—isolated from the real … Continued

Values & Communication for Nonprofits

Values and Communication for Nonprofits

Today we continue our discussion of the opportunities presented for innovation in the nonprofit sector, by looking at two other ways to influence innovation capabilities. Promote innovation as an organizational value Making innovation one of the primary concerns for the organization would be very beneficial for keeping up with the demands of the ever-changing scenarios … Continued

Your Next Innovation Campaign

Your Next Innovation Campaign

You’ve got some new ideas! Great job! But now what? Well, there are two very important things that need to happen to make your crowdsourced innovation community a success. First, you need to make sure to implement ideas. And if you’re not sure how to make that happen, give our idea implementation webinar a watch! … Continued

Connecting the Dots between DevOps and Innovation

DevOps and Innovation

How can DevOps encourage innovation? DevOps, short for development and operations, is all about breaking down “silos” in organizations. It’s not enough that one group does the work of designing a product or a service and that the other puts it to use. Instead, they need to communicate with each other, to understand how each … Continued