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Overcoming Organizational Change Fatigue: 5 Strategies That Work

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Change is a necessity in today’s world, yet change initiatives don’t always work out.  What is Organizational Change Fatigue? One study has reported that only about 54 percent of change initiatives succeed. Another reports that up to 70 percent of organizational change efforts fail. Organizations of all types are urged to innovate, yet when they try to change too … Continued

Are Your Change Management Processes Well-Oiled?

Change management focuses on people, and how they move from their current situation to a new one. Anyone who has been through a major organizational change knows that change doesn’t happen in isolation and that unintended consequences are to be expected. Change management is a process that plans for and monitors change so that it … Continued

How Change Management and Innovation Intersect

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Innovation by definition means change. Not all change, however, is innovative. Change – whether innovative or not – is inevitable, and the people and companies that regard change as a leverageable asset are the ones that end up better off for pursuing change. Those that see change as a problem, or something to be avoided … Continued

How to Move from Process Improvement to Innovation

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with process improvement, but it isn’t the same thing as process innovation. In some ways, innovation is about going “back to the drawing board.” Process improvement is about making an existing process better, and there’s no reason not to do this when the opportunity presents itself. Process innovation, however, requires that you … Continued