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Best Practices for Engaging Your Innovation Community

Community meeting listening to a speaker.

Developing a broad and deep innovation community puts a wonderful resource at your fingertips. Yet tapping into that resource requires more than just cheerleading. Here’s how to bring your community together and work toward a common goal. Know Your Community Start by truly understanding who your innovation community is. For example, perhaps the unifying factor … Continued

How to Foster a Culture of Innovation at Your Company


Your business is in it to win it. Winning consistently over decades takes constant work on your innovation strategy, because things change. When people gave up their buggies for cars, horseshoe salesmen had to embrace tires and spark plugs or starve. When news migrated from print to online outlets, newspaper journalists had to immigrate along … Continued

How to Find a Crowdsourcing Platform for Your Organization

How to Find a Crowdsourcing Platform for Your Organization

Choosing a crowdsourcing platform for your organization is an investment, but it’s more than that. When you select a crowdsourcing platform, you’re choosing the way in which your organization will receive and evaluate new ideas. It’s about making the choice that will best promote innovation while still being easy to use and robust enough to … Continued

A Distributed Workforce Collaborates

Social media platforms. Email. Video messaging. These days, long distance communication is easier than ever before. This ease of crossing the void has allowed folks with a common aim and a like mind—even if they are separated by distance—to come together. This is true of fandoms, like Whovians or Hamilton superfans; it is true of … Continued

The Four Key Innovation Management Topics

As you may have heard, IdeaScale recently announced that it had acquired, also known as is the world’s leading platform for cutting-edge innovation management content, best practices and online training programs. So, what does that mean? What kind of materials and resources can actually be found on, and how are they … Continued