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2021 Crowdsourced Innovation Report

After 2020, it's not surprising that crowdsourced innovation capabilities have grown and innovation output indicators like implementation rate and time to implement have improved. In fact, businesses that were [...]

Infographic: Proven Innovation Workflows

According to Accenture, 72 percent of companies allow innovations to languish because there is no formalized process or organizational home for such initiatives, but sometimes it's hard to know [...]

Infographic: 15 Types of Innovation

Nick Skillicorn is an innovation thought leader who recently documented 15 types of innovation that are at-work in organizations large and small. This covers everything from problem sensing to [...]

Infographic: Innovation Campaign Ideas

We recommend that innovation programs run short-sprint ideation to keep up engagement and find new ways to continuously innovate over time. However, numerous innovation managers aren't sure what to [...]

Infographic: Idea Management Team Structure

When individuals are launching their first idea management programs, they often don't have a fully-fledged innovation department of resources. Innovation managers need to find other team members to help [...]

The Role of an Innovation Department

Executives across industries are concerned about innovation: how to encourage it, nourish it, and repeatably deliver it across all disciplines. The role of an innovation department is to address [...]