Over the past decade hundreds of organizations have delivered high quality and overwhelmingly positive results for their engagement initiatives. Each project has a lifecycle, whether you consciously recognize it or not. There are a thousand different ways to slice and dice the phases or subcomponents of a project. In this book we’ll talk about the six basic phases. For each of these phases, we will provide you with a couple of key considerations. This is far from being exhaustive, but should provide you with some food for thought before you start engaging your customers, employees or stakeholders with IdeaScale.

“Your boss’ boss said he wanted ideation yesterday. Regardless, there are two things you need to think about right now. What do you want to achieve from your IdeaScale and what does success look like?”

What’s Inside

  • 6 Basic steps to ensure high quality and positive results.
  • A simple punchlist for your moderation and planning team to review before launch
  • Learn how to have fun and deliver a fantastic IdeaScale community


Your IdeaScale Project Plan