Every year, the President puts out an open call out to all federal employees inviting them to publicly submit their money-saving ideas online using IdeaScale technology. This call is promoted by various branches, departments and organizations within the government encouraging employees to share whatever thoughts they have on the subject. The ideas are submitted, users vote the ideas up and down and the best ideas usually bubble up to the top. The Office of Management and Budget then narrows down the best ideas to a “final four” which can be viewed and voted on by the American public. The winner is granted the honor of presenting his or her idea to the President in Washington.

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  • Collected more than 100,000 ideas
  • Saved millions of dollars from employee suggestions
  • Incentivized engagement from across the government

“IdeaScale easily handled the large volume of traffic coming from the WhiteHouse.gov website.” – Lena Trudeau, Vice President, National Academy of Public Administration

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