One of the cornerstone’s of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s success is technology. Technology advances healthcare, empowers research & scholarship, and supports operations & administration. UAB IT’s vision is to be the trusted technology partner for the UAB community and to be a recognized IT leader.

So when Curtis A. Carver Jr., Ph.D. joined UAB as their CIO in 2015, he shared a vision of creating a world-class IT organization that effectively balances cost efficiency, agility, and innovation and he committed to delivering 100 IT wins in his first year. In order to do that, he launched SPARK: a crowdsourcing initiative that leveraged IdeaScale technology.

What’s Inside

Learn how the University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Improved the lives of students, faculty and staff in 100 meaningful ways in less than a year
  • Created a new voice of the customer program that generated positive sentiment
  • Utilized IdeaScale data to supplement their strategic planning process

“Within IdeaScale, everybody can be an agent of innovation. It gave us a venue to deliver what people were asking for.”

-Curtis Carver, CIO at University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham