The  Queensland Police Service  (QPS) is the principal law enforcement agency responsible for policing the Australian state of Queensland. Serving an area of over 715,300  square miles with 327 police stations, the QPS staff is highly distributed and respond to a number of disparate requests and challenges. In order to connect their 15,000 staff members, QPS launched the Ideas Connecting Our People initiative (or iCOP) on IdeaScale technology.  The goal was to provide a collaborative space that would allow all members to speak outside of the chain of command to submit an idea, ask a question or share knowledge. Specifically, the iCOP team was looking for ideas that would make QPS simpler, better, and safer.

What’s Inside

Learn how Queensland Police

  • Selected a number of new ideas and initiatives that could improve the Queensland Police
  • Tracked an improvement in workplace innovation enablers
  • Gained participation from every level, rank, region, and command. 
2018 IM Awards: The Queensland Police