The  Texas  Health  and  Human  Services  System (HHSS)  has  a  mission  to  improve the health, safety and well-being of Texans and to administer its programs in accordance with the highest standards of customer service and accountability. Its 55,000 employees administer more than 200 statewide programs addressing a vast range of health and family issues.

In  2013,   the  state  of  Texas  implemented legislation  that requires  any  state  agency  with  1,500 or  more  employees  to  provide  a process  by  which  an  employee  may  submit  suggestions  and ideas  for  cost savings  and  allow  the  public  to  vote  on  those  ideas.  The Texas Health and Human Services System selected IdeaScale as its idea voting platform, because it saved them the costs and complexity associated with building its own platform. They were one of the first agencies to be in compliance with this new law.

What’s Inside

Learn how Texas Health and Human Services

  • Follows a four-step process for idea review
  • Received more than 1,400 ideas
  • Gathered more than 16,000 votes from the public
Texas Health & Human Services