OpenMaps is a feature, rich, fast, and accessible mobile application that displays and edits open map data of, the free editable map of the whole world. In early 2010, OpenMaps introduced the Ideascale iPhone feedback widget as part of the OpenMaps iPhone application in order to track bugs and feedback from within the application itself.

“We collected feedback via email, Twitter and GetSatisfaction too, and still do. The IdeaScale iPhone widget was simply supposed to be an experiment. It turned out to be a hit as we received much more user feedback than before. It seems people really like giving feedback right from within the application.”

What’s Inside

Learn how OpenMaps collects feedback right within the iPhone app:

  • Collects hundreds of suggestions for future versions
  • Created and implemented 13 new features based on direct user feedback
  • Rapid response to each bug while communicating with users
  • Tracked what features and suggestions were most popular.
  • Established the Ideascale widget as one of OpenMaps’ premier offerings


OpenMaps iPhone Application