The Administrative Management Council (AMC) initiates, deliberates, and responds to the issues and concerns of its constituents and the New York University community. As part of that initiative, the AMC executive committee wanted to ensure that they were accurately representing the interests of the front-line admin staff and leveraging the full breadth of their knowledge and ideas. Although the AMC had worked with other knowledge sharing platforms to share and build ideas before, they came to IdeaScale because they wanted the purpose-built crowdsourcing functionality that allowed them to easily collect ideas, votes, and other transparent data publicly (or anonymously) while still customizing the site to their brand guidelines. They called their community OpenAMC

What’s Inside

Learn how NYU

  • Generated almost 100% participation in its first year
  • Doubled attendance at their in-person meetings
  • Improved employee sentiment at NYU

“The best thing about IdeaScale is that we’re hearing from individuals that we had never heard from previously and we’re able to advocate for ideas by clearly articulating the support they have.”

Mike McCaw, Chairperson of the NYU Administrative Management Council

NYU Admin Management Council