The mission of the New York City Police Department is to reduce crime, fear and disorder and improve the quality of life for all New Yorkers. Although success requires partnership between police and citizens, in recent years the NYPD took a “my way or the highway” approach that cost it support among many New Yorkers.

It was crucial for the NYPD to restore trust – so that citizens would report crime, being willing to testify at trials, and offer street intelligence to officers who needed to know what was really going on on the streets of New York, all to keep citizens safe.

Among its most significant initiatives, the NYPD augmented its social media accounts with IdeaScale. IdeaScale was ideally suited to a new patrol initiative which, like Google’s “20% Time” policy, gave officers a certain amount of “uncommitted” time to work on neighborhood problems.

What’s Inside

Learn how the NYPD

  • Attracted over 4,000 participants in its launch initiatives
  • The NYPD has received and addressed approximately 300 actionable quality of life issues
  • Made IdeaScale an integral part of their outreach strategy
New York City Police Department