Seize the moment to dramatically enhance your innovation capabilities. This webinar focuses on “perfecting” bold new ideas. It teaches you how to quickly and easily identify the key aspects of your idea, then transform it into a compelling value proposition that you can use to gather feedback and pitch for funding or approval. This foundational first step is key to success, because only valuable ideas succeed. So how do you go about learning silicon valley style idea development?

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore key innovation definitions and steps for creating new business value
  • Identify the essential elements of a CO-STAR value proposition
  • Discover how to turn your brilliant ideas into powerful CO-STAR value propositions

Speaker: Laszlo Gyorffy, M.S. is President of the Enterprise Development Group. For over 25 years, Laszlo has worked with organizations around the globe to expand the possible; helping them refocus, redesign, and reenergize their business strategies and innovation practices to succeed in an increasingly dynamic and demanding market place. Laszlo is an accomplished speaker and co-author of Creating Value with CO-STAR: An Innovation Tool for Perfecting and Pitching your Brilliant Idea as well as The Global Innovation Science Handbook. He is a certified instructional designer and trainer and has delivered transformational programs like the Innovation Advantage and the Secrets of Silicon Valley. Laszlo recently developed the One Hour Innovator, a cloud-based toolkit that helps people innovate better, faster, and smarter. The methods used in these trainings and tools have created business solutions worth millions of dollars in new revenue and cost efficiencies. You can reach Laszlo at [email protected]