This workbook is designed as a supplement to the Innovation Academy. When you download the workbook, you’ll receive weekly topics that guide you through the entire academy.

Here’s what you’ll receive as part of the innovation academy:

  • Preparation: Welcome to the Innovation Academy. How to prepare, set up key systems, and plan for your first innovation project.
  • Week 1: Get Creative. Ideate! Go beyond brainstorming. Week one will give you the tools and incentives you need to foster innovative ideas at every level of your organization.
  • Week 2: Build Your Team. Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. Week two will teach you how to build an effective team and handle the common issues that arise on teams.
  • Week 3: Refine Your Idea into a Robust Proposal. In week three, you’ll learn the steps to create a strong proposal and help speed it through the approval process.
  • Week 4: Assess and Implement. Week four will help you understand why implementation is vital to an ongoing innovation process and avoid common pitfalls that stall the execution of new ideas.
Welcome to the Innovation Academy!