IdeaScale provides a highly effective and flexible set of tools for reporting, tracking, and analytics. IdeaScale’s reporting tools support administrators in tracking the performance of their innovation program, no matter how detailed their innovation needs.

Our approach is based around the four key ways we make data available to customers, each of which provides a slightly different focus and data-set:

  1. Built in Reporting – Source actionable insight in real-time. Track the performance and make decisions about next steps for your community.
  2. Web Analytics Integration – Integrate with Google Analytics or other web analytics platforms to track page views, sessions, user journeys and other activities.
  3. Data Exports – Export your community’s full data sets, allowing you to build custom reports for end-of-campaign evaluations or quarterly and annual business reviews.
  4. Business Intelligence Integration – Our exports allow for automated transfer to your BI data storage and are formatted to allow for aggregation of datas across tables. This allows for more advanced business units to effectively integrate with their BI solutions.



1) Built-in Reporting


Our built-in reports deliver the key data you need to run your community, including key engagement trends, tracking of completed ideas, and automated alerts when community activity slows. The new reports feature offers three features:

  1. Engage: focus on driving key actions like idea submission, voting, commenting, stage actions, and moderation activities
  2. Outcomes: focus on selecting and implementing ideas
  3. Innovation Assistant: alerts and tips to help you engage your crowd and deliver outcomes

Outcomes reporting is not available at all Subscription levels. If you’re interested in upgrading reach out to one of our IdeaScale representatives.


Built-in reporting


What you can do:

On the Engage Dashboard, administrators can quickly and easily check on total activity occurring with their campaign, as well as checking what percentage of users are taking key actions. These data will help you make real-time decisions about messaging. Have high visitor numbers, but few ideas? Try targeting existing users with content that encourages submission and makes it feel more accessible.

Trying to distribute the work across a team? Administrators can also monitor moderator activity over time, and break it down by campaign or group. Check that at least 1 moderator action is being taken per idea and ensure that certain campaigns are not being overlooked with the “Moderator Actions” activity type in Activity Trends.

The Outcomes Dashboard focuses on what is coming out of your idea collection and management efforts. You can track both the number of selected and completed ideas, allowing you to ensure delivery. Use this to set a strategy for implementation and provide a great summary of success at the end of each year.

Finally, IdeaScale reporting comes with a built-in Innovation Assistant that monitors your community activity and highlights any slow downs in participation. These alerts are also sent to your IdeaScale representative, so that both your team and our team are always on top of what is happening in your community and what actions are needed.


If Reporting dashboards are not already available on the Community Settings Admin panel, please consult with an IdeaScale representative for activation.



2) Web Analytics Integration


IdeaScale allows for Google Analytics integration with a single action: paste your analytics tracking code into our integration set-up page. Google Analytics offers a market-leading web traffic tracking suite that delivers a range of subsidiary data that is not built into our core reporting. Highlights include tracking geo-location of visitors and performing cohort analysis to track the stickiness of your site for new users.

In addition, this functionality can be used to install a range of other tracking tools. So let us know what you use and we’ll almost certainly be able to hook it in.

Web Analytics Integration

How you’ll be using it:

By integrating with purpose built web analytics products IdeaScale can provide great insight into the way your community is being used. Most notably, you can track where in the world your visitors are from, how many Daily Active Users you are generating and the behavior flow of users through your community.

Uniquely, IdeaScale also offers the ability to record key custom dimensions of users using Google Analytics. This means that Google Analytics users can break down all their reporting by user role (Admin, Moderator and User) and by number of ideas submitted.


Google Analytics users will be able to set up the core functionality in under 5 mins. Users of other web analytics products make need slightly longer, but the vast majority of cases can still be set-up with relative ease.



3) Exports


IdeaScale provides simple actionable reports to help teams effectively manage the ongoing performance of their communities. However, there are always times when you need that exact time period or date window. Maybe you have a quarterly review or your boss wants a break-down of a campaign’s performance in minute detail. For these cases we allow you to download all your raw data in easy to manipulate spreadsheets. Download all the data with easy to use in-built data exporting tools and build the exact graphs you need in no time at all.

Export Idea Data

How you’ll be using it:

The most common use of the exports is for community or campaign reviews. Having access to the raw data allows customers to build the reports they need across the exact timeline or scope of their review. Our exports can be downloaded at any time, meaning the data you need is always at your fingertips.


IdeaScale’s exports are built into your community and can be downloaded by any administrator.



4) Business Intelligence


IdeaScale has optimized it’s overall community export to allow for easy use in Business Intelligence tools. This is done through two key features:

  • The ability to set up automated delivery of iterative exports to a customer owned data store.
  • The structuring of the data around a central events table, allowing for cross table analysis of data in almost any configuration desired.

Using these two key attributes organizations with an established BI suite can create a range of custom reports tailored to their use case and integrated with the rest of their business reporting.


Business Intelligence

How you’ll be using it:

This solution is focused on IdeaScale’s power users and allows large enterprises to integrate innovation planning into their standard business planning. In addition, the scheduling features provide the tools to update custom reports on a daily base, providing the option for near real-time custom reporting.

Set-up difficulty:

Integrating with BI tools will usually require some specialized support from your internal IT teams to help ensure the data is delivered in a secure and reliable way, and that the raw data can be managed and manipulated correctly inside your BI solution.


IdeaScale Reporting, Tracking, and Analytics