As an independent government agency, the FCC is required to open up all rule-making activity to enlightenment from the public. Historically, there has always been an open window at the FCC where anyone can file their comments with the FCC. Eight years ago, the FCC added the electronic comment window to their website where citizens could file their comments online, but it still required a lot of leg work on the part of the public to find the correct information for filing. The FCC wanted to further simplify the process as they launched their National Broadband Plan. They came to Ideascale with the primary goal of lowering the barriers to participation in the FCC’s dialogue. Because of the long term impact the National Broadband Plan could affect, the FCC wanted to make sure that anyone, whether they were tech-savvy or not, could engage in the regulatory process of the FCC.

“I think Ideascale presents a unique opportunity to government agencies. It offers them the prospect of directly communicating with their citizens and the Ideascale platform is such a user-friendly interface that it allows any civilian the chance to truly engage with their government. It’s an incredibly important relationship to establish.” – Haley Vandyck, Director of Citizen Engagement Federal Communications Commission

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