IdeaScale crowdsourcing provides organizations with the chance to cost-effectively engage your target audience on all sorts of questions and topics. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to reach the general public, employees, stakeholders, or clients, crowdsourcing will produce powerful results. Initiatives can create greater buy-in to new policies, generate innovative ideas about new services/products, and leverage the time, energy and resources of the “crowd” to help organizations reach their goals. With these opportunities come real fears about losing control, which can become self-fulfilling when organizations take the wrong approach to their first flight.

“Like it or not, social media has made the ostrich organization an endangered species.”

What’s Inside

  • Steps to ensure your organization runs like an eagle
  • Leverage your crowd to get actionable results
  • Learn to cultivate buy-in to new initiatives across the organizations


Do you want to be an Eagle or an Ostrich?