To support their ongoing business innovation initiatives, Covia gathers ideas from employees at all levels of the organization. Their previous idea generation process involved a collaboration and review system organized by department and each new idea required manual and intensive employee involvement as the ideas progressed from the ideation stage, to idea assessment and implementation. The Sustainable Development Business Innovation (SDBI) Team at FMSA took the initiative to identify a more effective idea management process and software platform that would also align well with their established Stage Gate® product development process and identified millions of dollars in earnings and savings along the way. 

What’s Inside

Learn how Covia

  • Recruited champions in advance of their launch and organized ideas into three major practice areas.
  • Generated a 500% increase in submitted ideas over previous years.
  • Identified an estimated $5 million in new revenues and an estimated $2 million in cost savings. 

“IdeaScale has enabled us to effectively bring down silos and boost Associate engagement from many mines, coating plants and offices. It has also increased knowledge sharing, idea co-creation, and we are on the right track to drive breakthrough innovations in product development and operational excellence.”

Dr. Anastasios (Taso) Melisaris, SD Business Innovation Team Lead, Covia

2018 IM Awards: Covia