Minneapolis is the larger of Minnesota’s Twin Cities. The Twin Cities region is the 14th largest metropolitan area in the United States, home to 3.8 million residents and the primary business center between Chicago and Seattle. City leaders set new goals every four years, resulting in clear priorities that provide longterm direction and clarify the core function of City government to help them achieve their vision. The City developed the Community Indicators Project to identify benchmarks to measure the City’s progress in achieving those goals.

What’s Inside

Learn how the City of Minneapolis

  • Promoted their program through 5+ channels
  • Prioritized outreach to previously underrepresented communities
  • Used community member suggestion to guide the future of the city

“We chose to incorporate IdeaScale into the Community Indicators Project because we wanted a rich set of qualitative data.”

-Kim Keller, Results Management Program Coordinator for the City of Minneapolis

City of Minneapolis