Upon arrival to UAB, the VP/CIO used IdeaScale to drive a populist view on what needed to happen to serve the campus. These ideas were married to the seven imperatives that UAB President Ray Watts gave to UAB IT. We generated quick wins, themes for improvement, relationships with the campus, and a reputation for listening and co-authoring.

The IT campaign lasted for over a year, and the method proved so popular, that the faculty senate asked for their own site, as did several other major groups at UAB.

In this presentation we will give the backstory on how this came to fruition, the challenges we faced by actually asking our constituents for feedback, the advantages and pitfalls of a year-long ideation campaign, how ownership transitioned, and how the crowdsourcing method went viral.

2016 Open Nation: Spark- Winning the First 100 days with Community Engagement