Western Australia Police is one of eight police jurisdictions in Australia and is responsible for policing the world’s largest single geographic jurisdiction. Covering 2.5 million square kilometers, Western Australia Police is made up of 11 districts and 157 police stations, with a unique spread across a major capital city (Perth), regional towns, rural areas and vast remote locations.

The population of Western Australia is growing at a rate that will likely see demand for policing services exceed resources. To address this, WA Police launched Frontline 2020, a major reform program that continues to examine all aspects of policing services in order to become even more efficient, productive, and locally-focused.

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  • Western Australia Police launched a communications strategy that engaged more than half of their workforce
  • The best practices that Western Australia Police follows when responding to ideas
  • How they’ve saved thousands of man hours and millions of dollars.
2015 Innovation Award Winner: Western Australia Police