Pact is an international development nonprofit that works on the ground in nearly 40 countries to end poverty and marginalization. They partner with local organizations, businesses and governments to [...]


Infographic: The Case for Innovation Management

Innovation management is a combination of the processes and tools that combine innovation and change management. It allows leaders and workers to cooperate with a common understanding of goals [...]

Infographic: The Case for Innovation Management2021-08-12T23:32:00+00:00

2021 IM Awards: TriHealth

When Mark Clement joined TriHealth as CEO in 2015 one of his first priorities was to improve employee engagement across its community of 11,000 team members by launching an [...]

2021 IM Awards: TriHealth2021-05-03T23:16:42+00:00

Infographic: The Power of Crowdsourcing

According to Gartner Research, crowdsourcing is one of the least used, but most impactful digital hacks.This infographic looks at market predictions and the traits of successful crowdsourcing and innovation [...]

Infographic: The Power of Crowdsourcing2021-03-21T22:14:22+00:00
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