IdeaScale and TriHealth

Shannon Lively from TriHealth discusses her favorite feature of using IdeaScale: customer service.

IdeaScale and the State of Michigan

The State of Michigan is known for its lakes, natural beauty and its friendly people, of which it employs more than 50,000. In 2010, gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder laid out a ten point plan for how his team would [...]

Innovation Management with IdeaScale

In this video, IdeaScale customers discuss innovation management and how it works at their organizations. Learn how to change the lives of employees, students, customers, and beyond.

Innovation: The Reality-Making Behind the Glamour

Innovation is something everyone wants to do or claims they do. However, it is very misunderstood and often becomes a battlefield for turf wars. When you are in the job, it seems that everyone in the enterprise claims they [...]

Intrapreneurs: The Human Face of Innovation

In this presentation you will learn: the global trends giving rise to the age of the intrapreneur, why intrapreneurialism is an irresistible concept, why Intrapreneurialism is the new professional skillset, and how workplaces can capitalise on their intrapreneurs using [...]

Infographic: How to Nurture Intrapreneurs

Innovation talks about the organization, but intrapreneurs are the people at an organization that make innovation possible. But how do you recognize them? How do you reward them? How do you give them permission to create and what are [...]