Infographic: Surveys vs. Crowdsourcing

Most businesses do some form of market research and many of them use surveys. 90% of the Fortune 500 has engaged in crowdsourcing in one form or another. But [...]

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Case Study Comics: NASA COVID-19 Edition

 NASA is a United States government agency that is responsible for science and technology related to air and space, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in [...]

Case Study Comics: NASA COVID-19 Edition2021-09-23T19:13:16+00:00

2020 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report

While IdeaScale was preparing the original release of our 2020 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report, we found ourselves in the midst of massive disruption as a result of the [...]

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Sunshine Coast Credit Union

With more than $700 million in assets, Sunshine Coast Credit Union (SCCU) is a full-service co-operative financial institution serving over 17,300 members through 3 locations and mobile services. In [...]

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Infographic: Innovation Incentives

Financial incentives will encourage participation in an innovation challenge, but you don't have to start there. You can offer movie tickets, charity donations, gift cards, and a check when [...]

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How to Pick the Right Problems to Solve

Successful innovation programs are not only great at generating great solutions, they excel at identifying problems. This webinar treats the challenges of selecting the right problems to solve and [...]

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Infographic: Your Innovation Communications Strategy

Innovators (whether they’re inside a company or working independently) need a lot of skills to continuously find new improvements. Recently, IdeaScale produced an infographic on the top ten qualities [...]

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Infographic: Top 10 Qualities of Innovators

In A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing; Advice from Leading Experts in the Field, one of the authors writes “the open innovation professional is a rare breed – [...]

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