2021 IM Awards: Graybar

In order to foster a culture of innovation at Graybar where ideas are openly shared, evaluated, and promoted throughout the company, Graybar introduced the “NEXT” Innovation Program. While there [...]

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Winpak is a global packaging corporation with twelve manufacturing facilities in North America. They manufacture and distribute high-quality packaging materials and innovative packaging machines, primarily used for the protection [...]


Amway and IdeaScale

Leslie Drueke from Amway discusses on how IdeaScale is used to bring their global audience together on the platform.

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From Participant to Start-Up

Learn from CEC #YouthforInnovation Challenge Winners, SoulMUCH. Going from being a user in an IdeaScale competition to an international competition to launching your own start-up. [...]

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2017 Innovation Award Winner: Amway

With more than 3 million ABOs worldwide, Amway wanted to give those distributed team members a place to share feedback, suggest new product ideas, recommend winning strategies and more. [...]

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The Future of Retail Innovation

In this moderated question and answer session, a digital innovation leader from IKEA discusses the importance of continuously revitalizing innovation culture as well as an investigation into the future [...]

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Global Open Ideation

Active in over 60 countries, Amway is accessing the collective knowledge of their network in order to solve problems and develop new solutions. Learn their process for selecting problems [...]

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