Infographic: Innovation Maturity Models

When companies want to understand where they are on their innovation journey, they will often seek out an innovation maturity model that provides a roadmap for how to gain more skills and capabilities as an organization. This infographic introduces

Infographic: Proven Innovation Workflows

According to Accenture, 72 percent of companies allow innovations to languish because there is no formalized process or organizational home for such initiatives, but sometimes it's hard to know which process would be best for you. Peruse some proven

Infographic: Find Your Next Innovation Challenge Sponsor

Many companies are introducing "Innovation as a Service" at their organization, which means an internal group acts as an internal consultancy that can solve problems for different business owners. But even if you have this great capability, how do

Infographic: Meaningful Idea Criteria

One of the most common questions that we get at IdeaScale is "how do I choose the right idea?" This means "right" on a number of fronts: right for the future, right for the idea, right for the organization.

Infographic: 15 Types of Innovation

Nick Skillicorn is an innovation thought leader who recently documented 15 types of innovation that are at-work in organizations large and small. This covers everything from problem sensing to new ways to disrupt or incrementally improve. Learning these 15

Infographic: Tracking Innovation Implementation Rate

With the rise of the innovation department, more and more companies are looking to define innovation metrics, but where do you start? This metric will tell you a lot about your organization's capabilities and performance when it comes to

Infographic: 15 Brainstorming Prompts

When teams get together to solve a problem, they often come up with more creative ideas than they would on their own - but how do you guard against groupthink or heterogeneity of ideas? These 15 brainstorming prompts will

Infographic: Innovation Campaign Ideas

We recommend that innovation programs run short-sprint ideation to keep up engagement and find new ways to continuously innovate over time. However, numerous innovation managers aren't sure what to engage on next. These seasonally-focused innovation campaign ideas will give

Infographic: Idea Management Team Structure

When individuals are launching their first idea management programs, they often don't have a fully-fledged innovation department of resources. Innovation managers need to find other team members to help them build a crowd of innovators and implementers who will

Infographic: The Innovation Technology Ecosystem

Every IT executive knows that their organization is inputting, extracting, and shuttling data between different software systems. Idea management connects systems where ideas might originate and germinate (like in Yammer) and allows others to validate, select, and transform those