How NYU Plans for the Future with the Help of the Crowd

In 2020, universities and other education institutions are facing new and pressing challenges: remote learning, budgetary constraints, renewed attention on diversity and inclusion, and other important changes. Universities have [...]

How NYU Plans for the Future with the Help of the Crowd2021-03-21T21:29:44+00:00

NASA’s Internal Crowd

This session will discuss best practices determined through NASA's past 8 years of running an internal crowdsourcing program. It includes best practices around engagement, process, and innovation storytelling. [...]

NASA’s Internal Crowd2021-03-21T22:40:48+00:00

Webinar: Ideas Connecting Our People

How do you harness the capability, ideas and information within your organization to support better business decisions and to engender trust? This is a story of the Queensland Police [...]

Webinar: Ideas Connecting Our People2022-04-06T14:25:28+00:00

The Tools That Make Change Possible

At SXSW 2015 Nathaniel Manning, Ushahidi, discussed how international initiative Making All Voices Count is changing how governments communicate with citizens and how citizens contribute to governments. Ushahidi, a [...]

The Tools That Make Change Possible2021-03-21T23:43:31+00:00