Davidson College

Davidson College is a prestigious liberal arts college in Davidson, North Carolina. It enrolls approximately 1,800 students from 48 states and 47 countries. In 2017, led by Kristen Eshleman, Director [...]

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Winpak is a global packaging corporation with twelve manufacturing facilities in North America. They manufacture and distribute high-quality packaging materials and innovative packaging machines, primarily used for the protection [...]


2018 IM Awards: The Transportation Research Board

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) provides innovative, research-based solutions to improve transportation. And in the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP), members work to provide practical solutions to problems faced [...]

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2018 IM Awards: The Queensland Police

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) is the principal law enforcement agency responsible for policing the Australian state of Queensland. Serving an area of over 715,300 square miles with 327 [...]

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Webinar: Ideas Connecting Our People

How do you harness the capability, ideas and information within your organization to support better business decisions and to engender trust? This is a story of the Queensland Police [...]

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Crisis Mode Creativity, Phase II

During the 2017 hurricane season, the Coast Guard relied on its workforce's ability to innovate and adapt through environmental crisis. The Coast Guard used its IdeaScale community to share, [...]

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