pt idea submission

Idea Submission

Anyone can easily share an idea and add all the relevant details so that anyone can view, validate or add to that idea.

pt custom fields

Custom Fields

Set the criteria that matters to you by adding custom fields to any idea submission form.

pt similarity search

Similarity Search

Reduce redundancy by proactively searching for similar ideas.

pt voting commenting

Voting & Commenting

Easily prioritize and build on ideas by allowing the community to vote and comment.

pt multimedia attachments

Multimedia Attachments

Add video, powerpoint, images and more to any idea by encouraging multimedia attachments.

pt flexible anonymity

Flexible Anonymity

Allow for anonymous submission and visibility on a per-community, per-campaign, or per-idea basis.

pt peer to peer recognition

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Gamification that allows members to honor the contributions of other members. Members earn kudos by completing community activities and award kudos to the team members that inspire them.

pt email submission

Email Submission & Notifications

Bring people back to the community by inviting engagement directly from anyone’s inbox. Allow them to submit via email and receive configurable alerts on community activity.

pt idea linking annotations

Idea Linking & Annotations

Identify trends and relationships between ideas, by linking ideas and showcasing how they build on one another.

pt social integrations

Social Integrations

Don’t ask members to create a new profile – they can use their social login and allow them to share their ideas so that they can gain additional visibility and feedback.

pt SSO


Engagement doubles when members don’t have to create a new login. Let them use the profile they already have to participate in your IdeaScale community.

pt mobile responsive

Mobile Responsive Design

IdeaScale builds with a mobile-first strategy so that your community displays beautifully on any screen size.

pt multimedia attachments

Multilingual Translation

Localize user-generated content (ideas, comments, etc) into multiple languages in real-time. Let the crowd validate and improve those translations.

pt Moderation dashboard

Moderation Dashboard

Easily respond to every idea and increase engagement from the moderation dashboard. Respond to ideas, link and merge ideas, invite others to the conversation, and more.

pt Slack Integration

MS Teams, Yammer, Slack Integration

Collect and build valuable new ideas where your users already are, whether that’s MS Teams, Slack, or Yammer.

Product tour mentions

Mentions (@mention)

Increase participation by @mentioning leaders, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders on ideas.

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