Sarah Stone

How To Tackle Inflation With Innovation

Highlights In 2022, inflation is being driven by a complex mix of pandemic aftereffects, changing labor markets, supply chain shocks, and geopolitical concerns. Innovative companies are using inflation as an opportunity to reexamine assumptions and make needed changes. Smart [...]

The Top 10 Female Innovators of All Time

Women innovators historically haven’t had the opportunities or visibility their male counterparts enjoyed. In fact, when Forbes released its 2020 list of 100 Most Innovative People in Business, there was only one woman on the list. There remains an enormous cultural [...]

Breakthrough Innovation vs. Disruptive Innovation

Aren’t breakthrough innovation and disruptive innovation the same thing? It’s a common question when building innovation strategy. After all, the car, the telephone, the smartphone, the electric car, the solar panel, weren’t these all breakthroughs that were also disruptive? [...]

What’s the Real Difference between Creativity and Innovation?

Creativity and innovation are often seen as interchangeable. However, while they overlap, they’re different in key ways. Here’s how to understand the differences and apply them in your innovation strategy. Creativity Vs. Innovation Creativity is the act of conceiving something [...]

How Consumers Are Crowdsourcing Health and Safety Matters

In a world that’s heavily interconnected and collecting data constantly, consumers use online tools to protect their health and safety, find support for their ailments, and discover new solutions to their medical problems. And the data from crowdsourcing—a popular way [...]

How Innovation Can Aid a Weakened, Post-Pandemic Economy

Highlights Innovation strategy will be crucial to overcoming the post-COVID pandemic challenges faced by global economies. The pandemic has highlighted inequalities and potential solutions, giving innovative teams the chances to turn challenges into opportunities as we reach a new social [...]

10 Top Innovation Podcasts to Inspire You Today

When you’re an innovator, you’re constantly looking for inspiration. A big part of being an innovator is being a researcher—someone with continual learning on their mind. A great place for inspiration and information is the podcast realm. Here, people are [...]