Bill Haines

The Nearness of Customer Insight

The Problem Customer research is needed to discover new needs or to gather impressions of existing products. But the process can be daunting- designing the study, gathering the resources, then spending the time required to pull it off - my

Four Tools to Align the Interdisciplinary Product Team

The Problem Product Management, Engineering, and Marketing are the center points of the interdisciplinary product team. Product Management establishes the vision for exactly what we should make, Engineering/Development designs and builds it, and Marketing figures out how to get customers

Consider This: A Technique to Start Initiatives at the End

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”   The Problem Whether a new product initiative, cost management program, performance improvement project, or other plans, if your team does not start with a visceral vision

An Experience Management Manifesto

Organizations generally realize that they must manage Customer Experience to create meaningful customer value. Yet too often organizations align the Product Manager role solely with product development efforts, trapping those who occupy the role in a too-narrow, “build-it and they

Bill Haines

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