Annette Clair Kendall

Innovation’s Underdogs: The Creative Economy’s Quiet Revolution

In the colorful world of the creative economy—a place where art, smarts, and new ideas mix together—something pretty exciting is happening. It's not just about painting or music anymore; this world stretches into advertising, designing everything from websites to buildings,

Experiential Learning and Intrinsic Motivation

In the vast and varied world of STEM – spanning from the wonders of space exploration and computer software intricacies to the marvels of constructing skyscrapers and unlocking the secrets of atoms - lies a hidden wellspring of talent: autistic

Innovation Researcher, Educator, and Advocate | Rural Innovation | Empowering Underrepresented Populations | Neurodivergent PhD | University of Missouri Assistant Extension Professor | LinkedIn

Overcoming personal challenges as a neurodivergent female from a low-income background, Annette leads initiatives to empower underrepresented groups and stimulate rural innovation, drawing on her work experience and research on knowledge networks, power imbalances, and entrepreneurial aspiration.