We’re excited to unveil the world of investigative journalism at NBC News Investigations, where your voice and insights play a crucial role in shaping the stories that matter. Join us as we explore how NBC is leveraging the power of IdeaScale to engage the public and amplify investigative reporting.


NBC, a prominent figure in America’s broadcasting landscape, is home to a vital component: NBC News Investigations. This news blog serves as a dedicated space for investigative reporting, amplifying stories that demand our attention. It’s where journalism converges with public engagement in the heart of the urban landscape.

NBC News Investigations: A Space for Your Voice

At NBC News Investigations, you, the public, take center stage. It’s a platform where you can share your stories, ideas, documents, and comments about the news stories that resonate with you. Your perspective and insights are invaluable in shaping the investigative journalism landscape.

Investigate This!

To fortify the bond between journalists and the public, NBC News Investigations introduces “Investigate This!” – a dynamic section powered by the IdeaScale innovation widget. This innovative tool amplifies the voices of citizens, offering them a direct line to the heart of investigative reporting.

Through “Investigate This!”, you become an integral part of the news-gathering process. Your ideas, tips, and suggestions help propel NBC News’ investigative reporting forward.

Final Words

At NBC News Investigations, we firmly believe that journalism is a collective effort, and your active participation enriches our storytelling. By fostering this collaboration, we aim to bring crucial stories to light and inspire positive change.

Let’s co-create the future together!

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