At Innovate Your State, a nonprofit organization with a mission to drive positive change in government, the belief is both simple and profound: innovation and collaboration can pave the way to a better future. Join us as we explore how Innovate Your State is harnessing the power of IdeaScale technology to bridge the gap between citizens and government through the “Fix California Challenge.”


Innovate Your State is dedicated to educating and inspiring public participation to bring about fundamental improvements in government. Their vision is deeply rooted in the idea that by fostering innovation and collaboration, we can effectively address the governance challenges of our time.

The Fix California Challenge

To transform their vision into reality, Innovate Your State initiated the “Fix California Challenge,” an online endeavor crafted to tap into the creativity and expertise of California’s citizens. The goal was crystal clear: identify innovative ideas that could reshape and rejuvenate the state’s governance.

Guiding Principles of Change

Participants in the challenge were granted the freedom to submit ideas, provided they aligned with six guiding principles:

  • Transformation: Ideas capable of driving transformative change in government processes.
  • Representation: Proposals to enhance citizen representation in decision-making.
  • Education: Solutions to improve public awareness and understanding of government operations.
  • Accountability: Ideas aimed at enhancing government transparency and accountability.
  • Opportunity: Initiatives to create new opportunities for citizens.
  • Renewal: Concepts for revitalizing and renewing the state’s governance.

The challenge was open to all, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity of thought.

Final Words

Innovate Your State’s journey stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to creating an inclusive space for citizens to actively contribute to government improvement. Through the utilization of IdeaScale technology, they are fostering a culture of innovation and citizen engagement that has the potential to reshape the future of governance.

Let’s co-create the future together!

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