Visualization for Innovation and Zen

A recent IdeaScale Blog article by Nick Jain—“Unlock Your Inner Genius: 10 Creative Problem-Solving Techniques You Need to Try Today” (March 24, 2024)—cites “Visualization” as one such method.  Jain states: Visualization: Visualization involves mentally imagining potential solutions to a problem.

Zen Philosophy for Stretching Innovation Space-Time

The non-duality principle of Zen philosophy suggests a more intensive approach to the dimensions of innovation “space-time.” Business teams should stop following a simple sequential procedure in which new ideas are accepted or rejected almost as soon as they arise.

Quantum Computing, Zen Philosophy and Space-Time

The up-and-coming field of quantum computing, currently in a prototype phase, will probably be an innovation with exponential and wide-ranging impacts in the power and speed of information technology. There are some interesting parallels between the behavior of quantum computing

The Creative Challenge of Changing Culture at IBM

Excerpted from the book: Idea Stormers, How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs (Wiley Jossey-Bass) by Bryan Mattimore Facilitating Genuine Employee Involvement at IBM There is no tougher organizational challenge than changing a culture. Just ask any CEO or company

Emptiness and Innovation

Introduction The ancient Buddhist philosophical concept of “emptiness”, going back nearly two millennia, has some interesting present-day implications for the process of idea creation and development in innovation.  These implications relate to the desirability of high levels of technical diversity,

Innovating in India Part 3 – The Way Forward

In the first two parts of our three-part series, we explored the unique challenges of innovating in India (Part 1) and the origins of these challenges in the country's culture, history, and institutional structures (Part 2). In this final part,