Time Management Tips to Maximize Innovation

Although the average American works 8.8 hours per day, most employees deliver peak productivity just 3 to 4 hours a day. Knowing this, you and your team can experiment with different time management strategies to maximize your peak hours. This [...]

How to Team Build to Spark Innovation

Teamwork is essential for brainstorming new innovations and bringing your innovations to life. But first, you must build a cohesive team. If team building isn’t a current priority, or it has fallen by the wayside—it’s never too late to bring [...]

How to Keep Innovation Alive When Sales Are Down

Whether it’s a bad quarter, your market or demographic is rapidly shrinking, or we are in the midst of a recession—you may be tempted to halt your innovation program. However, innovation is precisely what you need when your sales decline. [...]

The Fine Line Between Innovating and Overextending

While grinding it out is required at times, it’s not sustainable. At some point, product and service quality will decline. This is often due to the ripple effects of overextending, which include burnout and poor decision-making. That said, there is [...]

Leveraging Middle Managers to Drive Innovation

If you are looking to take your ideation to the next level, it’s time to strategically empower your middle management team. This isn’t only because they are the ones implementing your innovation initiatives, but because they are closer to your [...]

How Creative Constraints Boost Innovation

As defined by TEDEd Educator Brandon Rodriguez, “Creative constraints are the requirements and limitations we have to address in order to accomplish a goal.” This includes factors such as: Cost Timeline Required materials Availability of materials Technical specifications Current [...]