Creating Innovation Value

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, researchers Peder Inge Furseth and Richard Cuthbertson discuss their findings from a review of innovation case studies from corporate leaders such as Borders, [...]

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How to Refine an Idea

Ideas are easy. But how do you execute them? OK, you've got a great idea, but do you know how to refine an idea? It quickly becomes clear with innovation [...]

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How To Build Your Innovation Team

Your team should be the people who want to be there. There is no innovation without a strong team. Every great idea had a string of brilliant minds behind it, [...]

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Clarify How Decisions Are Made

I recently read a book called Crucial Conversations. In the chapter called “Move to Action,” the authors describe four methods for decision-making. Command Also known as the "executive decision." This [...]

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Who Makes the Decisions in Crowdsourcing?

You will likely engage your experts and authorities at the earliest stages or your program through discussion. These are the people who know a great deal about the subject matter [...]

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Know Your Innovation Stakeholders

In order to involve key stakeholders early, you must first understand who your stakeholder are. I recently read a book called Crucial Conversations. In the chapter called “Move to Action,” [...]

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The Importance of Decision

If you have had trouble implementing ideas, please know that you are not alone. Implementation is a challenge shared by all innovation managers. But with a clearly defined process, you [...]

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Managing Expectations in Innovation Management

One of the most effective ways to engage your crowd is to demonstrate commitment to turning their ideas into real value and impact. However, this can present some challenges for [...]

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