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The Metrics of Public Sector Innovation

Public Sector

Last month, leaders in public sector innovation gathered to discuss ways of crowdsourcing new solutions to longstanding problems at IdeaScale’s Open Nation DC. In advance of the event, we asked registrants to select the topics that they were most interested in learning about and remarkably the topic selected most often was “innovation metrics and ROI.” … Continued

Strengthening Democracy using Real Time Governance

Real Time Governance

What is real time governance? Real Time Governance is an ideal democratic and citizen empowerment process where citizen involvement is amplified using online feedback platforms such that “opinion” translates into governmental policy. The first such initiative was launched by the the Obama Administration in 2009 under the name of Open Government Initiative (OGI). This created … Continued

Government Work Musts: Social, Collaborative, Accessible

IdeaScale came of age in the advent of Obama’s Open Government Initiative and, during that time, we perfected both our public and private communities based on our work with numerous Federal agencies. In the time since, those discoveries have become portable and we’ve translated them to the private sector. This week, we announced that we’re … Continued