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Socially Responsible Innovation Part Three: Non-Profits

Wooden heart in cupped hands.

Socially responsible innovation is often the mandate of a non-profit. Yet, despite this, organizing and implementing innovation, especially in partnership with governments and for-profit companies, can present unexpected needs and challenges.  In the final part of our three-part series on socially responsible innovation, we explore the challenge non-profits face, and how they can best be … Continued

Non-Profit Crowdsourcing: Going Beyond Crowdfunding

Non-Profit Crowdsourcing: Going Beyond Crowdfunding

When you think about using crowdsourcing for your non-profit, what do you think of? If you’re like many program managers and directors, you think about fundraising. While crowdfunding – the money side of crowdsourcing – can certainly be effective, it’s important to expand your vision. Non-profit crowdsourcing goes well beyond crowdfunding. Non-profit volunteers and your … Continued