Idea Management

Humanity 2.0

OPENING In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, 'Humanity 2.0' explores the transformative relationship between the historical, present and the future of humanity, artificial intelligence, capitalism and other technologies. As our creations increasingly mirror our desires and aspirations, this

From Wheels to Web: The Innovations That Made Us

Innovation! Without Pain There Is No Gain: Why is innovation so challenging? Thomas Edison underwent over 1,000 attempts before successfully inventing the light bulb. Visionaries like Karl Benz and Henry Ford dedicated over 20 years to inventing and reinventing, facing

Qualities and Characteristics of an Innovator

Many people assume that if they don’t invent things and hold multiple patents, they aren’t very innovative. In reality, many inventors don’t have patents or products. Some innovators generate ideas, while others bring those ideas to reality. Ultimately, innovators

A Look at the Idea Management Technology Landscape

There may have been a time – a decade or two ago – when businesses could look at innovation as optional. But everything has changed since then. Today the question is not whether to innovate, but how to do so as efficiently

Five Hurdles to Idea Management and How to Clear Them

Brainstorming is the beginning of idea management, but only the beginning. To keep the momentum going, idea management needs to clear away hurdles you may unintentionally put in the way. “Whose Job Is It?” Ideas need people to refine and

Calculating the ROI for Your Idea Management System Launch

How do you measure the intangible? This is a particular struggle for innovation departments and committees launching an idea management system, who often need to come up with KPIs and metrics to explain what they're doing and how it benefits

Selling A Rejected Idea Back to Them: The SoulMUCH Story

Companies come to IdeaScale for a number of reasons. One of the reasons that they want a software solution to collect employee ideas is because they’re afraid that they’ll miss a great idea that comes from someone in their workforce.