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How HR Impacts Corporate Innovation

People, train, empower, reward written on a chalkboard.

The right people make the difference in innovation. Human Resources is sometimes overlooked as a source of innovation. Yet, in many ways, it’s the wellspring of innovation; HR departments recruit, hire, train, and support the individual employees of an organization who will make up the innovative teams that drive your company forward. So how can … Continued

How Innovation Helps Address Sustainability Challenges

Innovation Addresses Sustainability

Innovation builds more than just better products. One of the greatest challenges facing business at the moment is sustainability. Getting the most out of the resources you have access to, reducing the amount of resources you use, and finding more renewable resources are good both for society and your bottom line. But creating something sustainable … Continued

Strategic Crowdsourcing for a Successful Startup

This is a guest post by Marcus Newman. Marcus recently graduated with his MBA and is an entrepreneur in the making who blogs about business trends. CIOs agreed in a recent meeting that the use of outsourcing for certain company roles is still valuable, says Business Value Exchange. Especially those roles where innovation creates an advantage and the … Continued